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  • Welcome to the celebration of Lviv birthday, or Ekotel Hotel recommends not staying at home!

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    This long weekend will be scorching and full of various activities. Lviv – a legendary city, the city of museums and simply a favorite city of millions – is going to celebrate its BIRTHDAY! Thus, different occasions will be taking place in every corner of Lviv for four days in a row. Ekotel Hotel decided to give you some pieces of advice on what to do and what to see so that you do not miss anything.

    First offer is for moviegoers. On May 9 special cinema hall will be equipped in the northern part of the Rynok Square where the best romantic movies will be broadcast under the open sky. The fans of classical music will be entertained by a good music too because there will be a benefit concert “Tenor Meteor Shower”. At the same time annual international festival Flugery Lvova (Weathervanes of Lviv) will start in the City Hall Courtyard. This event will bring a great consolation for fans of heavy music, as the festival will begin with a ROCK DAY during which 5 bands will be competing for the participation in the final part of ROCK NOCA Festival. Here is a list of bands which will perform during this evening: the Aby-Kasymovi Kaptsi ska pank band (Lviv); the Fiolet pop rock band (Lutsk); the Viter ambitious project distinguishing their style as folk’n'dustrial (Lviv); the Hairy Viper hard rock band (Kyiv) and the D. Hate trash metal band (Lviv).

    The next day Lviv will turn into the city of stylish rascals in vests and caps. On the 10th of May VI city festival “Batyar Day in Lviv” (The Rascal Day) is going to start. During this day all guests of our city will have a chance to get acquainted with real “batyars”, sing batyar songs, learn a batyar language and get involved in batyar brawls and celebrations. It is also worth visiting Batyar Chancery where you can obtain a real batyar certificate after being dubbed. A group of sculptors in a concrete plant will show their skills creating concrete monuments of rascals in front of the audience. Additionally, you will be able to take a master class of batyar dances and visit a batyar shooting gallery where one can shoot coffee grains into beer cans with a help of a slingshot. By the way, during the festival some rascals will share their secrets of seducing “kobitas” (girls). There will be also a market where residents and guests will taste special dishes.

    Saturday morning will begin with urban festive procession. Then National flag of Ukraine will be raised near the City Hall. In the afternoon an open air reading “Current time in Lviv is 757” will be held in the Park of Culture and Rest named after Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Besides, all car connoisseurs will gather in the city center in order to take part in the Tuning and Car Audio Championship. Deep silence in Lviv Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life will be shattered by the rock concert “Celebrating the 70th anniversary of UNA “Galicia”. Moreover, many Ukrainian and foreign groups will demonstrate their folk heritage in the central part of the city.

    As for Sunday morning, budget hotel Ekotel advises you to start it with intense activities and transformation. At 10 a.m. traditional “Awakening with the Gych Orchestra” will take place in the City Hall Courtyard. Musical and funny Gych members will divide awakening morning into 5 stages:
    1. Transformation from human into an animal.
    2. Morning exercises.
    3. New songs.
    4. General performance of the festive awakening song.
    5. An inspection visit from Vorokhta; children’s group “Petros”.

    At noon people will have an opportunity to join the interfaith prayer service near Taras Shevchenko Monument. In the afternoon the festival will continue in all places mentioned above. One more great performance will take place in Rynok Square. There will be a concert “Ivasiuk Project” which has recently gathered two full houses in Lviv Opera House and soon will gather the same amount of people in Kyiv. Some other musical performances will be held in front of Solomia Krushelnytska National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre and near the Monument of Glory.

    In a word, for 5 days Lviv will turn into a great festival and we hope you will become a part of it too. Do not stay at home; do not miss the chance to congratulate your city on its birthday and have a great fun. We are looking forward to seeing you in Lviv! By the way, do not forget to book a room in Ekotel Hotel in advance because it is necessary to have some rest as well :) Our hotel is open around the clock. We will provide you with a comfortable stay.

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